“Try Hockey” Programs – A Great Way to Get on the Ice


If you’re thinking you would like to play hockey, but not sure it is for you, consider getting together with a bunch of people, or possibly even only women, just like you: wanting to take that first glide on the ice, but hesitant to take that first step out. Or, maybe you think you want to play, but you’re not sure if hockey really is for you.

There are many ways to try hockey for the first time: skate out on a frozen lake or pond, put on all the equipment and hit the local rink during open skate or a sticks & pucks session. The really brave hop in on a local drop-in game.

Another alternative, with the bonus of coaching and guidance, is to locate a “Try Hockey” Program or Clinic near you, such as the annual Spartan Women’s Hockey Clinic, hosted by Michigan State head coach Tom Anastos and his wife, Lisa, in East Lansing Michigan.

Clinics are a great place to get a feel for skating in equipment and sharing the ice with other hockey players. Clinics are also a great place for those who can’t yet skate, or have only a bit of skating skill. With the guidance and instruction offered in a clinic setting, not-yet-stable skaters not only learn how to skate, they learn how to hockey skate! There are many such programs like this for youth and a growing number of rinks and arenas are offering this option for adult players as well.

If you have trouble finding a “Try Hockey” program in your area, consider asking a rink if you can attend a youth session. You could also ask an arena or hockey program if you could help them organize a clinic for adults, if one is not yet established.

Many potential hockey players, after one clinic session, become hooked!

If you know of a “Try Hockey” program or clinic in your area, please be sure to alert the rest of the community by posting the program in the Comments below!

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