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NHL Video Clips Never Get Old

I see loads of videos of NHL Hockey Players. I love hockey. There is no doubt about it. It’s a good thing too since I have a 13-year-old who also loves hockey. Not only do I get to share a love of hockey with him, I love it when he’s coming to me, ready to show me the next NHL Hockey video that he’s been studying over and over again. How great is it that I get to parent this wonderful kid and share a passion with him? How great, indeed, that I am honored with the title of hockey parent! I hope he never stops showing me videos of NHL Hockey Players!

I Feel Like A Kid Again!

I am a hockey parent, and I am a player too. And every time I skate out onto the ice, I feel like a kid again. That magical time in life, when the only thing on your mind was hanging out with your friends and doing what you loved to do. I can spend the time driving to the rink, thinking about what I have to do when I leave. Getting my equipment on, I may be mentally adding notes as to what needs to be picked up at the store. But as soon as my skates glide across the ice, everything vanishes except the exhilarating feeling of the connection between me, my stick, the ice and the puck. An absolute stress reliever, hockey makes me feel like a kid again. I may enter the rink as a hockey parent and business owner, with all of the stress that life brings, but when I’m out on the ice, it’s like being a kid again and hockey is the only thing on my mind!

When I Am On the Ice, I Can Do Anything

I started playing hockey as an adult. I didn’t play as a kid, a time when the world was an oyster and the opportunities were endless. But I’ll tell you, when I get out on the ice, that is exactly how I feel. Realistically, I know my age and I know my skill level, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like I can do anything. I may have only started to play hockey in my 30’s, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like an NHL player every time I am in a game!

Grateful to Play

There are loads of videos of NHL Hockey Players on the internet, but none causes me to wish I were a kid again, with the chance to grow up playing hockey and a chance at playing with the pros, then this NHL Hockey Video! I can actually feel the thrill these kids must have had when Jonathan Toews showed up at their door, inviting them out to play, every time I watch it. As for me, I’ll stay grateful that I do play and that I get on the ice or get involved with a game of street hockey every chance that I get! There’s nothing better than getting out to play and feeling like a kid again!

#Wannaplay with Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews Visits his Neighborhood in Winnipeg – Surprises Kids with a Game They Won’t Forget!

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  1. Elliedan

    I had no Idea females played ice hockey. If ask I would’ve said no as I thought it was too rough. Well this is an eye opener.

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