A Shot at Winning!



Who doesn’t love to win, right?!? There’s nothing like coming off the ice with a win! Whether it be a team win by the scoreboard, a personal goal achieved on the ice or witnessing a fellow player pushing past her barriers, we’re all in and that feeling of accomplishment stays with all of us, on the ice and off.


I received an email from USA Hockey today with a link to take a (literally) 30-second survey for a chance to win three hockey sticks. Talk about a win! And of course, I just had to share it here so you can all take your shot at winning too!

So here’s your chance at a win that could put three new hockey sticks in your gloves! To win free hockey sticks to add to your collection of hockey equipment? Not only would that be Awesome, everyone on your team will be celebrating with you!

photo credit USA Hockey

Choosing a hockey stick might not seem like a big deal, but it really is. There is more to consider than just what it looks like or the price tag. Hockey Sticks are as varied as the personalities and type of players using them.

Hockey sticks are not created equal. For one, the price range is huge. The materials they are made of are a wide variety. And the attributes of the many styles of hockey sticks are geared towards the many styles of play and use of the players.

There are many considerations to think about when choosing a stick, such as the basic information of your position, your style of play and your height. Whether you are a left handed or right handed shot will determine the direction of the curve of your blade. Your stick needs to be made of materials that fit you comfortably. There are decisions to be made as to what type of stick shaft suits you, as well as the curve of your blade. The right materials, with the right stick and the correct blade lie and kick point and bend, along with the right grip, make for a lot to consider. And a lot of time in the hockey shops, testing out a ton of sticks on dryland.

So….Who wouldn’t want a chance to test drive three new sticks for free?!?

By taking this survey, you will be entering your email address with USA Hockey and may receive emails from them in the future.

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